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Feb 18, 2013 12:30am EST
and this disparity indeed may grow in a resource constrained environment. these challenges combined with these destabilizing effects of terrorist and critical networks will make general rodriquez' task at africom among the most complicated in the department. an additional matter in the africom aor is committee watches osely is the ongoing u.s. support operationsin central africa to assist the multinational effort to remove joseph kony and his top lieutenants from the battlefield. this committee and general inhofe has been very active in this effort and assad to ensure that this mission is adequately resourced including additional intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities. general rodriquez i know you are familiar with this mission and the committee looks forward to hearing from you about it and to working with you on it and so many of the other challenges he will be facing. i'm going to turn the gavel over to senator kaine who has agreed to take over because i must go to the floor and i i will call upon the senator inhofe. >> thank you mr. mr. mr. chair i join you in
Feb 17, 2013 9:30pm EST
that shop. it helps them and it helps the environment and the town center. i think some of the things of importance is are interesting but you have to believe that government, local governments and national governments have a role to play, a partnership with the private sector to make things happen. we used to have that across the country with other agencies that would partner together. a lot of important things done in town centers. that got ripped up two years ago. we need a strategy but we need immediate action as well. >> let's keep going. >> do you think -- lloyd con away. i work in sports. do you think that sports education is important in the development of young people and the development of the economy? >> i absolutely do. the olympic games was a fantastic moment for britain. i think the work that needs to be done is not just inspire the young generation but make sure we deliver on the promise of the generation and the next generation. i think we have some distance to go to make that happen, frankly. i think a good thing is the school's partnership of those but i think they h
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2